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Interventions in the HCV care continuum

New systematic review in the journal International Journal of Drug Policy discusses published evidence-based interventions to enhance assessment, treatment, and adherence in the chronic Hepatitis C care continuum. Authors note that primary care settings represent key opportunities for HCV care linkage interventions, often within clinics that have prolonged engagement ...

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Real-world evaluation of eligibility for HCV therapy

In clinical practices in Italy, between January 2009 and February 2010, only 61% of patients with chronic hepatitis C were considered eligible for peginterferon/ribavirin. Reasons treatment was not indicated included patient’s age or mild disease stage. Italian Hepatologists may consider an IFN-based antiviral treatment not cost-effective in older patients ...

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Patient-reported HCV treatment adherence

Patient-reported factors that negatively impact adherence to HCV therapies need to be understood and addressed HCV treatment adherence is critical for patients to attain a sustained virological response (SVR), or cure. Unfortunately, up to 50% of patients have difficulty maintaining 80% adherence to HCV therapies, thereby compromising treatment outcomes. While new ...

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Rapid HCV testing in jails: linkage to care barrier

Rapid HCV testing within jails identifies previously unrecognized cases of HCV infection, but linkage to care after release is a major barrier One-third of all HCV-infected individuals in the USA pass through the criminal justice system each year, so at any given time the correctional population in the USA bears a heavy burden of HCV infection. HCV antibody ...

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