A Truly Historic Era in Hepatitis C Therapy

Posted on February 23, 2015

We are entering a truly historic era in hepatitis C therapy. The recent introduction of oral, well-tolerated, limited-duration therapies with over 95% cure rates makes the once unrealistic aspiration of eradicating hepatitis C infection a realizable goal. However, several major hurdles need to be cleared before this objective can be achieved. Foremost is the identification of individuals with hepatitis C infection, and their subsequent linkage to appropriate care. To date, only 25% of infected patients in the United States have been diagnosed and only 5% have been cured.

Advances in the management of hepatitis C are occurring at a very rapid pace. Educational initiatives designed to disseminate timely and accurate information to healthcare providers are essential. The goal of the American Journal of Medicine (AJM) Hepatitis C Resource Center (hepcresource.amjmed.com) is to do just that. The AJM Hepatitis C Resource Center was developed by the American Journal of Medicine (AJM) and Elsevier Multimedia Publishing to help address the global need for increased, effective HCV screening and diagnosis, and to highlight the promise of novel treatment regimens. To facilitate this global initiative, a Hep C webpage specifically tailored for audiences in India has also been launched, and is accessible through the Resource Center. Further APAC-specific webpages are in development.

Please visit the AJM Hepatitis C Resource Center and let us know your thoughts on the educational initiatives you encounter. We want to hear your opinions and your suggestions on how to improve the content.

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